[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] PhD and post-doc positions at the U of Zurich

Randy LaPolla randy.lapolla at gmail.com
Tue Mar 26 10:53:05 UTC 2019

Dear colleagues,

the Department of Comparative Linguistics at the University of Zurich, Switzerland is currently seeking to fill a number of 4-year research positions (click here for an overview). Some of them could potentially be very interesting for scholars with a background in Tibeto-Burman languages (or languages of eastern Eurasia in general):

- Postdoc with specialization in morphology / syntax
- Postdoc with specialization in languages of Eurasia
- Postdoc with specialization in linguistic phylogenetics
- Postdoc with specialization in psycholinguistics / cognitive linguistics
- PhD position in language history / area formation

The deadline for applications is April 15, 2019. We would be very grateful if you could further distribute this message at your university / your institution.
Thank you and
best regards,

Dr. Manuel Widmer
University of Zurich
Dept. of Comparative Linguistics
Plattenstrasse 54
CH-8032 Zürich
0041-(0)44 63 40227
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