[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] update on autocompletion keyboards

Nathan Hill nh36 at soas.ac.uk
Fri Jan 31 15:25:55 UTC 2020

Dear Colleagues,

In preparing a talk next week I have checked the statistics about
Tibeto-Burman atucompletion keyboards. I thought this update might interest
some of you. I believe 'users' is the number of people who have downloaded
the software and 'vocabulary' is the number of separate words in the
current model.

Language Users Vocabulary
Mizo 5311 4995
Tibetan 2856 24833
Hmong (China) 351 9552
Manipuri 345 25522
Paite 293 4532
Nuosu 274 5212
Hrusso 216 10462
Atong 157 7744
Hani 142 784
S'gaw Karen 63 1292
Galo (India) 13 4018

Let me sincerely thank those of you who have helped me to develop some of
these models. I would request that anyone who is able promote the
availability of this software to the relevant communities, and to help me
in the creation of further models.

very best,
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