[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] newspapers in TB languages

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Dear Nathan,

Here’s the link to a Chungli Ao newspaper: https://tiryimyim.in
This seems to be the only vernacular language newspaper still in circulation in Nagaland.


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Dear colleagues,

I am working with a guy who assembles corpora of minority languages and was able to point him to newspaper in Thadou Chin and in Zhuang (I realize it is not TB).

It makes me realize that there may be other very useful newspapers or blogs out there that I don't know about, which we could hoover up. So, if you know of any newspapers or blogs that are in TB languages (other than Tibetan and Burmese), could you please point me to them.

I expect there will at least be some things in Kuki-Chin languages, in particular Mizo.

thank you,

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