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Just wanted to let you know that thirteen bi- or trilingual dictionaries
from Nepal are available online at  <http://www.webonary.org/>


Athpahariya – Nepali – English [aph]

Chepang – Nepali – English [cdm] (by Ross Caughley)

Dumi Rai – Nepali – English [dus] (by Netra Mani Dumi Rai)

Jirel – Nepali – English [jul] (originally published by Strahm & Maibaum in

Khaling  – Nepali – English [klr] (by Ingrid and Sueyoshi Toba)

Lhowa – Nepali – English [loy]

Lohorung – Nepali – English [lbr]

Western Magar (Nawalparasi) – Nepali – English – Hungarian [mrd] (by Andrea

Mid-Eastern Tharu – Nepali [thq]

Syuba (also known as Kagate) – Nepali – English [syw]

Western Tamang (Dhading, Rasuwa, Nuwakot) – Nepali [tdg] (currently being

Yakkha – Nepali – English [ybh]

Yamphu – Nepali – English [ybi]


If compilers names have not been given, the word collection has been done
in a workshop setting with 20-50 people from the language community.


We are happy to share the data in electronic format (pdf or FLEx database)
for any language research purpose. Please let me know, if you are interested
in the data and state the purpose / aim of the research.


Mari-Sisko Khadgi

SIL International Nepal

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