[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Chin State ethnic/language map

Nathan & Carey Statezni nathan_statezni at sil.org
Thu Sep 10 15:46:43 UTC 2020

Hi friends,
Attached is an ethnic/language map of Chin State developed by Paing Nan,
the Director of Language and Social Development Organization, a Myanmar
national NGO, with some assistance from me.

A few notes:

   - This is the first map to show boundaries by village to my knowledge

   - *Source:* The basis for the data is Paing Nan's personal fieldwork in
   these areas, as well as checking with many community members. There may
   still be errors and input is welcome.

   - *Scope:* This is NOT a map of all Chin speech varieties but instead of
   all the speech varieties in Chin State. Thus, Chin speech varieties spoken
   by communities outside of Chin State are not included and non-Chin speech
   varieties spoken in Chin State (Rakhine, Anu, Khongso) are included

   - *Criteria for including a group:* The speech varieties shown here
   include more splits than the ISO 639-3 standard has. Certain groups
   maintain separate identities even where linguistic similarity is high. I
   would personally like to see the ISO 639-3 criteria permit these groups to
   be split (especially Eastern Khumi [cek], Anu-Khongso [anl], Falam [cfm]).
   The general principle for this map has been to represent separately groups
   that identify separately (and with distinct names). In many cases, these
   represent separate literature efforts (since the Chin are quite active in
   language development) but in some cases, there is not a separate literature
   effort (such as for example Vangteh). In other cases, one group has
   multiple writing systems and different efforts are based on different
   varieties within one named group (such as the Matu).

   - *Group names*: For many of the groups, there is a generally accepted
   name and spelling. However, some groups do not have this agreement. In
   those cases, we have tried to use a historically more accepted
   name/spelling. Some examples include Daai vs. Dai, Mro-Khimi vs. Khimi vs.
   Mro, Thado vs. Kuki, Zophei vs. Zyphe.

   - *Village names:* The village names are the English spellings in the
   MIMU village database

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