[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Encoding of verticality in TB/TH

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Dear colleagues and friends,

I'm collaborating with some colleagues on a project on the encoding of
movement/vertical deixis* in Tibeto-Burman/Trans-Himalayan languages. I'm
assembling readings, including any treatments on the topic in reference
grammars. Below you will see the readings I've gathered so far. I know
there is more out there, possibly also in some more recently published
grammars that I have not yet gotten my hands on. I'd be grateful for any
further leads.

Thank you!

*General readings or treatments of specific languages*

Bickel, B. & Gaenszle, M. (eds.) 1999. Himalayan Space: Cultural Horizons &
Practices. Zürich: Völkerkundemuseum
(This includes the contributions in the edited volume, including Toiffin,
Ebert, and also Gaenszle)

Bickel, B. 1997. Spatial operations in deixis, cognition, and culture:
Where to orient oneself in Belhare. In Jan Nuyts & Eric Pederson (eds.)
Language and conceptualization. CUP.

Bickel, B. 2000. Space, territory and a stupa in Eastern Nepal: Exploring
Himalayan themes and traces of Bon. In Samten G. Karney & Yasuhiko Nagano
(eds.) New Horizons in Bon Studies. Osaka: National Museum of Ethnology.

Caplow, N. 2007. Directionals in Tokpe Gola Tibetan discourse. In Roland
Bielmeier and Felix Haller (eds.) Linguistics of the Himalayas and Beyond.

DeLancey, S. 1980. Deictic categories in the Tibeto-Burman verb. Indiana
University Ph.D. Dissertation.

Genetti, C. and Hildebrandt, K.A. (eds). Grammatical encoding of space in
Tibeto Burman languages. Himalayan Linguistics, special issue 16.1. (and
the papers contained within)

Jacques, G., Lahoussois, A, and Zhang, S. 2021. Associated motion in
Sino-Tibetan, with a focus on Gyalrongic and Kiranti. In A. Guillaume and
H. Koch (eds.) Associated Motion. Mouton.

Kepping, K.B. 1982. Deictic motion verbs in Tangut. LTBA 6.2.

Maglio, P.P. & Matlock, T. 1999. The conceptual structure of information
space. In A.J. Munro, K. Hook, and D. Benyon (eds.) Social Navigation and
Information Space. London: Springer-Verlag.

Post, M. 2019. Topographical deixis in Trans-Himalayan (Sino-Tibetan)
languages. Transactions of the Philological Society 17.2.

Post, M.W. 2011. Topographical deixis and the Tani languages of Northeast
India. In G. Hyslop, S. Morey and M.W. Post (eds.). NEILS. Foundation Books.

Post, M. 2008. Verbs of Position, Existence, Location and Possession and
their Grammaticalization Pathways in the Tani Languages. In S. Morey & M.
Post (eds.), North East Indian Linguistics. Foundation Books.

van der Zee, E. and Slack, J. (eds.). 2003. Representing Direction in
Language and Space. OUP. (and the chapters contained within)

Zhang, S. Le rgyalrong situ de Brag-bar et sa contribution à la typologie
de l’expression des relations spatiales: l’orientation et le mouvement
associé. Linguistique. Institut National des Langues et Civilisations
Orientales, 2020.

*Grammars with data/discussion on verticality*

Abraham, P.T. 1985. Apatani. CIIL Grammar Series 12.

Andvik, E.E. 2010. Tshangla. Brill.

Bodt, T. 2019. Duhumbi (Chugpa). Brill.

Boro, K. 2017. Boro. U of Oregon Ph.D. dissertation.

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Coupe, A. Mongsen Ao. MGL.

Daudey, G. 2014. Wadu Pumi. LaTrobe University M.A. thesis.

Donlay, C. 2019. Khatso. MGL.

Häsler, K.L. 1999. Dege Tibetan. Bern University dissertation.

Ebert, K. 1997. Camling. Lincom Europe.

Genetti, C. 2007. Dolakha Newar. MGL.

Grollmann, S. 2020. Bjokapkha. Brill.

Hyslop, G. 2017. Kurtöp. Brill.

Konnerth, K. 2020. Karbi. MGL.

Lahaussois, A. 2002. Aspects of the grammar of Thulung Rai, an endangered
Himalayan language. UC Berkeley dissertation.

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Oko, C.W. 2019. Darma. Brill.

Plaisier, H. 2007. Lepcha. Brill.

Post, M.W. 2007. Galo. LaTrobe University Ph.D. dissertation.

Prins, M.C. 2011. A web of relations (A grammar of rGyalrong Jiǎomùzú
(Kyom-kyo) dialects). Leiden University dissertation.

Sangdong, David. 2012. A grammar of the Kadu (Asak) language. LaTrobe
University Ph.D. dissertation

So-Hartmann, H. 2009. A Descriptive Grammar of Dai Chin. #7 in STEDT
Monograph Series.

van Driem, G. 1987. A Grammar of Limbu. MGL.

Watters, D. 2002. Kham. CUP.

Widmer, M. 2014. A descriptive grammar of Bunan. Bern University Ph.D.

Zemp, M. 2018. Purik Tibetan. Brill.

Zhang, S. 2013. A reference grammar of Ersu. James Cook University Ph.D.

'Thanks' in Manange <https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Manang_language>

Kristine Hildebrandt
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