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> From: Linguistic Society <linguisticsocietynepal at gmail.com <mailto:linguisticsocietynepal at gmail.com>>
> Date: Tue, Mar 30, 2021 at 7:50 PM
> Subject: Call for papers for the 42nd Annual Conference of Linguistic Society of Nepal
> Respected life members, linguists  from  home and abroad and well wishers
> I would like to  request you to submit an abstract for the 42nd  Annual Conference of  Linguistic Society of Nepal to be held on 26-27 November, 2021 in Kathmandu.
> I would also like to request you to forward this call for papers to the interested  scholars who are in your contact. 
> 42nd Annual Conference of Linguistic Society of Nepal (42nd LSN), Kathmandu
> November 26-27, 2021
> Call for Papers
> Linguistic Society of Nepal (LSN) has been organizing its annual conference on almost the same schedule, viz., 26-27th November since its inception in 1979. Despite the COVID pandemic, this society successfully held its 41st Annual conference as a virtual conference.  The society is going to organize its 42nd Annual Conference in Kathmandu on 26-27 November, 2021 with a view to providing a platform for the people working on different aspects of languages of the world.
> This society would like to request all the linguists and practitioners from home and abroad to submit an abstract for the conference on theoretical as well as applied aspects of language in the following or any other relevant topics of linguistics:
> §  Phonetics
> §  Phonology
> §  Morphology
> §  Syntax
> §  Morpho-syntax
> §  Semantics and lexical studies
> §  Pragmatics
> §  Historical linguistics
> §  Sociolinguistics
> §  Anthropological linguistics
> §  Language contact and linguistic typology
> §  Applied linguistics
> §  Indigenous languages and identity
> §  Corpus and computational linguistics
> §  Cognitive linguistics
> §  Natural language processing
> §  Language teaching
> §  Language policy and planning
> §  Discourse analysis
> §  Language and technology
> §  Ethnolinguistics and language ideology
> §  Language documentation
> §  Translation studies
> §  Psycholinguistics
> §  Neurolinguistics
> §  Language, power and politics
> §  Language and tourism
> §  Mother-tongue and multilingual education
> §  Any other relevant areas
> There will be oral presentation and poster presentation sessions. The details of the abstract and full presentation or poster presentation are as follows:
> Abstract:
> 1.    An abstract will contain 150-200 words including examples and references (the title and author information will not be counted in this word limit).
> 2.    The title should be followed by the name of the author/authors, author's affiliation, address, email and phone number (mobile phone number preferred).
> 3.    The abstract should contain the information about the data, methodology and findings of the research (but no separate headings).
> 4.    The paper should be in English or Nepali. For English medium paper, the abstract should be in English in Roman script; and for Nepali medium paper, it should be in Nepali in the Devanagari Unicode.
> 5.    Examples from other languages, in English medium paper, should be presented in IPA Unicode. Other scripts can also be used in the example if it is necessary, however, it should be in Unicode.
> 6.    Abstract should be both in the MS Word and PDF format.
> 7. Submit electronic copy of abstract via email to linguisticsocietynepal at gmail.com <mailto:linguisticsocietynepal at gmail.com>
> The accepted abstracts will be included in the abstracts and program booklet after registration process has been completed. The presenters will be asked to submit their full presentation when their abstracts are accepted.
> The full presentation submission will be as follows:
> Full oral presentation: 10-15 slides or 3-4 page write up for 20-minute presentation followed by 5-minute discussion.
> Full poster presentation: Poster or 3-4 page write up of the matter to be included in the poster
> Poster size: 91 cm wide and 122 cm tall (A0 paper size)
> Font size: Between maximum 78 pt (for main title) and minimum 24 pt (for body text).
> Important dates:
> Submission deadline: 1st July, 2021
> Notification of acceptance: 30th July, 2021
> Conference: 26-27  November 2021
> Venue: Kathmandu, Nepal
> The society will keep on posting the information on the website as well.
> Please visit: http://www.lsn.org.np <http://www.lsn.org.np/>  
> For further details, please contact:
> Dr. Ambika Regmi 
> Email:  ambikaregmi at gmail.com <mailto:ambikaregmi at gmail.com>
> General Secretary
> Linguistic Society of Nepal
> Contact: (+977) 9841091143
> With best regards
> Dr. Ambika Regmi (डा. अम्बिका रेग्मी)
> General Secretary
> Linguistic Society of Nepal
> Contact: (+977) 9841091143
> http://www.lsn.org.np <http://www.lsn.org.np/>

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