[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] map of local language preschool programs in Myanmar in 2019

Nathan & Carey Statezni nathan_statezni at sil.org
Fri Oct 15 17:54:27 UTC 2021

Hi friends,
I recently came across this map produced by MIMU and UNICEF in 2019 showing
which local language preschool programs are present by township across


Two articles on Chin languages are here too:

There are some errors, but this map is amazing because it shows:

   - the incredible extent of language diversity in Myanmar (almost every
   township!) and it doesn't even include Burmese variants like Danu, Dawei,
   Intha, etc.

   - the incredible extent of local language development efforts

Paletwa Township in Chin State wins for the most diversity in a single
township, and it is quite a diverse and literacy-active place. I expect,
though, that Nanyun would win out if all the Tangshang Naga groups got
organized this way.

Some other things that would be nice to see (but not sure if the data is

   - number of schools teaching other languages by township
   - percent of schools teaching by township.
   - a map like this for primary in-school instruction

The English and Burmese Ethnologue and Chin State language maps have been
taken down from the MIMU site for some reason. But they can still be
accessed from my Google Drive:

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