[Tibeto-burman-linguistics] Looking for Pulleyblank (1984) Vowelless Chinese

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Dear Randy,

Thanks so much! The attachment is available through both my mailbox and the Archive, where the link to the PDF works well.

Best regards,

Shumin WU
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Dear Shumin,
I have to look to see if I can find the volume among my books, but for now I can send you the handout from the conference.

All the best,
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Dear all,

I am looking for Pulleyblank (1984) Vowelless Chinese? An Application of the Three-Tiered Theory of Syllable Structure to Pekingese (in Chan (ed) Proceedings of ICSTLL-16 vol. 2, 568-619). Thanks in advance if you have a copy to share!

Best regards,
Shumin WU
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