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Hi All,
I am forwarding the announcement below from the US Society for Linguistic Anthropology listserv about an event they are organising as part of their annual conference to help young scholars. Some on this list might be able to participate in that, but I would also like to suggest this method or something like it to people organising other conferences. It is really tough for young scholars nowadays, and this is one way they could get a bit of help and more of a sense of community.


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From: Jessica Pouchet <j.pouchet at bucknell.edu <mailto:j.pouchet at bucknell.edu>>
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Subject: [Linganth] SLA 2022: junior scholar workshop - in person &       online

Do you want feedback on your latest writing project?

Would you like to meet collegial peers from other institutions?

Would a friendly deadline help you get that article or chapter finished?

If so, come to the SLA 2022
<https://trello.com/b/WDRouMFF/sla-2022-future-imperfect-draft-program <https://trello.com/b/WDRouMFF/sla-2022-future-imperfect-draft-program>> conference in Boulder! Or participate online!

Inspired by another section's successful launch of a similar event, I am organizing a free workshop for junior scholars, broadly understood as anyone not tenured and post- (or practically post-) Ph.D.

The goal is to take advantage of this gathering to create a supportive, collegial, and productive space for junior scholars in linguistic anthropology as we navigate the publishing demands of the pre-tenure years and prepare to become the future leaders of SLA.

The format is as follows:

1. Interested participants should submit an abstract for the article or chapter they would like to workshop using this *Google form
<https://forms.gle/Kr9roHxHuQVztRkh7 <https://forms.gle/Kr9roHxHuQVztRkh7>> by March 14*.

2. I will then group participants into threes, loosely based on shared interests and whether attending in person or virtually.

3. Then, by March 31, participants will share their manuscripts with their small group.

4. During the April workshop session (in person or virtual), the three of you will share your feedback with each other and walk away with an improved manuscript and a larger professional network.

While the workshop is free, participants will need to register for the conference. In addition, there may be an additional step to register for the workshop beyond the Google Form - details are in the works and will be communicated to those who have completed the form.

Please be in touch with any questions, comments, or suggestions:
j.pouchet at bucknell.edu <mailto:j.pouchet at bucknell.edu>.

With kind regards,

Jessica Pouchet, Ph.D. (she/they)
Assistant Professor & C. Graydon and Mary E. Rogers Faculty Fellow
Environmental Studies & Sciences
Bucknell University

office: Academic West 331
email: j.pouchet at bucknell.edu <mailto:j.pouchet at bucknell.edu>
phone: +1 570 577 1206

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