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Randy J. LaPolla randy.lapolla at gmail.com
Fri Jul 14 02:42:56 UTC 2023

Hi Uwe,
Somehow you weren’t in the list of subscribers, but I have added you already. There was a short time in the Fall of 2022 when I was getting bounce messages saying that some gmx.de <http://gmx.de/> accounts (and some others such as a couple from bluewin.ch <http://bluewin.ch/> and soas.ac.uk <http://soas.ac.uk/> and mail.ru <http://mail.ru/>) were “disabled" and so they were automatically cancelled (see below for the one referring to your account), but that doesn’t seem to be a problem right now.

But there is something else strange going on: there has been very little real traffic on the list but lots of spam from Japan claiming to be from Amazon. Not sure what is going on. I monitor the list, so don’t let spam go out over the list. So even if you had been subscribed, you wouldn’t have gotten any messages lately anyway! So it will be hard to tell who has been improperly unsubscribed. But I will try to add back those I got bounce messages for now that I know they actually do work.

Thanks for letting me know!

All the best,
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> To the Staff of Tibeto-burman-linguistics,
> For a while I haven't been receiving mailings. What happened?
> Please reinstate my account.
> Thank you very much!
> Uwe Krech
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