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Dear Colleagues,

The academic journal Moussons. Social Science Research on Southeast Asia is extending its call for papers for the year 2024. 
Moussons focuses on Southeast Asia (island and mainland) and its Indian and Chinese margins. As comparative and interdisciplinary journal, it covers all the human and social         sciences, with a particular focus on anthropology, sociology and contemporary history. 
Moussons is published twice yearly, in French and English, and includes articles, research notes and book reviews. 
The journal has an international editorial board and is indexed by the European Reference Index for Humanities (ERIH) and the DOAJ (Directory of Open Access Journals).

Deadline for submission
You can send your paper before April 2, 2024 to the address irasia-moussons at univ-amu.fr <x-msg://21/irasia-moussons@univ-amu.fr>.

Editorial policy
 The journal is published simultaneously in two versions: 
a paper version printed and distributed by the Presses universitaires de Provence (PUP)
an online version on OpenEdition Journals (https://journals.openedition.org/moussons/), with immediate open access. 
It thus meets the requirements of open science through Diamon Open Access.

The instructions to the authors are available at: https://journals.openedition.org/moussons/2194. Please apply them when submitting an article.

Moussons's editorial board thanks you in advance for your contribution to research on Southeast Asia.

Bien cordialement, best wishes, 
Mathilde Lefebvre

Revue Moussons 
IrAsia/Maison Asie Pacifique 
Aix-Marseille Université 
3, place Victor Hugo 
13331 Marseille cedex 3 
Tél.: 04 13 55 07 23 

Alice Vittrant 
Professeur des Universités
Université Lyon 2 - DYNAMIQUE DU LANGAGE (CNRS DDL - UMR 5596)
14 avenue Berthelot - MSH - Bât C
69363 Lyon Cedex 07
Site :  http://www.ddl.ish-lyon.cnrs.fr/AliceVittrant

Mail : alice.vittrant at cnrs.fr <mailto:alice.vittrant at cnrs.fr>
   alice.vittrant at univ-lyon2.fr <mailto:alice.vittrant at univ-lyon2.fr>

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