(ice(d)) tea

D. Ezra Johnson ezra_50 at HOTMAIL.COM
Mon Aug 2 22:03:41 UTC 1999

I assume we're talking about spelling here. (I don't think anyone in normal
speech would distinguish 'ice tea' from 'iced tea'). I agree that "ice tea"
is something I've only seen written in the South. Besides "sweet tea" we
must consider "hot tea". I feel that in most Southern areas if you ask for
"tea" it will come ice or iced -- cold, in any case. If you wanted hot tea
you would generally have to say so. I think that is what underlies the
writing of "ice tea". Since the compound is not native to the dialect, they
would have no problem writing it either way.

And MAYBE "ice" vs. "hot" seems like a better opposed pair than "iced" vs.
"hot". Or maybe some rule of economy prefers to hear "ice".

Also, what about "ice water" -- it somehow seems different to me (a
Northerner). I would no sooner write "iced water" than "ice tea". Well,
maybe a little bit sooner.


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