iced tea

Dieter Burrell dburrell at ICPSR.UMICH.EDU
Tue Aug 3 19:33:52 UTC 1999

And sweet tea is the default if you do order 'ice tea,' at least in eastern
Georgia and western South Carolina.  Only if requested could someone
possibly receive unsweetened tea.

Dieter Burrell

At 12:25 PM 8/3/1999 -0500, you wrote:
>I don't know about either ice or iced tea being a "southernism" -- but it
>appear to be predominant in my father's family's areas of Alabama. Tea
that isn't
>in a cup and isn't hot is _sweet tea_. When offered "tea" without a
qualifier in
>northern AL or in Montgomery, the question, "Ice(d) tea?" gets you "Yes
>sweet tea."
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>Indiana University Purdue University
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