Email conventions seeping into handwriting

Erin McKean emckean at VERBATIMMAG.COM
Mon Aug 2 22:43:45 UTC 1999

I recoiled today (not in horror, not exactly sure in what) as I carefully
made little stars in ballpoint pen to give emphasis to the word "really"
in a casual note to my sister.

That's right; I wrote "*really*" in a note instead of underlining it.
Either I'm spending too much time writing email, or I've reverted to 14
years of age (although I didn't dot any i's with stars or hearts).

Anyone else noticing email conventions (like emoticons) dribbling into
handwriting or typescript? You don't have to admit it if you've done it. I
can carry my shame alone.

Erin McKean
editor at

PS I've also seen "ice tea"-- usually in menu-ese. And despite the
proliferation of "southern style" restaurants here in the Midwest I still
ask for "sweet tea" in vain.

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