As many (as possible)

Brian Good bkgood at PACBELL.NET
Tue Aug 3 06:23:41 UTC 1999

I don't recall ever hearing or seeing this omission before, but now I
have come across it three times in the past month or so.  The speaker
says "as many" while leaving off the "as possible" part.  It really
sticks out for me because it sort of grates on my nerves.... I'm left to
complete the "as possible" in my head.  Here's where I've heard/seen it:

McSweeney's Internet Tendency, "Four Dreams of Gergen," by Paul
"...Lewis Lapham appears.  He says, Provide as many correct and
acceptable spellings of the leader of Libya."

On a plane before takeoff (repeated twice!):
"In order to help conserve overhead bin space, please put as many bags
under the seat in front of you."

On a radio station in Seattle:
"We're trying to get as many people to call in and tell us about
their favorite movies."

Is this a new trend or have I just never noticed it before?  Is there
someone on some TV show who has started speaking this way?


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