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     There are two undated "carpetbaggers" that came up on a computer search.
     One is this serial with a very long title:

Rutter's political quarterly devoted to unearthing the sanctimonious
political rats of the South, exposing radical scallawags & carpetbaggers,
biographical sketches of the reconstruction destructionists with pleasing
pictures behind the scenes in the reconstruction conspiracy, with a
refreshing history of the radical "frauds" & "deadbeats" in the South, and
their connection with the government tinkers at Washington.

    It's probably from 1869-1871.  The University of Tennessee is one of only
two libraries that has it--maybe some slang researcher there will look at it.
    Also undated is a broadside, 21 x 15 cm., titled: "The rejected carpet
bagger."  Only the Brown University library has it.  The alternate title is
"As Pluto sat musing on radical woe, by Benajah Muggins, the Button Town
bard."  One subject is Thaddeus Stevens (1792-1868).  The date is listed as
"? 1865-1869."
    Of possible interest to "carpetbagger" is the play THE MAN WITH THE
CARPET BAG, A FARCE IN ONE ACT, by Gilbert Abbott a Beckett (1811-1856).  The
play was first performed at London's Royal Victoria Theatre, September 29,
     Historical Newspapers Online shows that the New York Times did
editorials on the carpetbagger on 4 September 1872 and 15 November 1872.
There's also this:

Lincoln, President--Witnesses for the Prosecution: Roch, Charles H.:
Spangler's Carpet Bag (Political)
20 May 1865 (Page 1 col 2)

CANUCK (continued)

     I did a VERY long posting of Canuck citations here over a year ago.  Add
to that these hits from Accessible Archives:

August 30, 1849 THE NATIONAL ERA
September 15, 1855 PROVINCIAL FREEMAN


     BDE has "filibuster" from 1855.
     Accessible Archives has it in the FREDERICK DOUGLASS PAPERS, Item
#26582, 6 November 1851:

If there is a new Filibuster expedition against Cuba or any other foreign
possessions got up five or six years hence you might safely bet on his being
in it.--Tribune.

    The Making of America database has
filibuster(s)/fillibuster(s)/filibustering for 1852-1854; one article from
1854 is titled "Cuba as It Is in 1854."

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