"Mutanto" (Monsanto of Frankenfood fame)

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A friend of mine who works at a food industry lobby says Monsanto is
frequently referred to as "Monsatan" by anti-biotech activists.

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Subject: "Mutanto" (Monsanto of Frankenfood fame)

>     This is from THE NEW YORK TIMES, 5 August 1999, pg. C2, col. 3:
>(BOX) _Opposition in Europe to "Frankenstein food."_
>(...)  In Europe, however, consumers have reacted negatively to genetically
engineered foods.  Buoyed by the media storm in Europe, activists in the
United States have stepped up their assault on biotechnology in recent
months, with groups like Greenpeace painting an ugly picture of Monsanto and
the industry.  One Internet Web site, for instance, has even taken to
calling the company (col. 4--ed.) "Mutanto."

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