"Business Babe" & "Money Honey"

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Sat Aug 7 16:40:01 UTC 1999

    The headline in THE NEW YORK TIMES, 7 August 1999, pg. C1:

_Moneyline's New Look_
_Yes, Willow Bay Is an Ex-Model, but One With an M.B.A._

   Willow Bay is causing quite a stir already!
   She walked on the floor of Wall Street and nearly stopped trading.  Take a look when she interviews the CEOs.  I saw several start smiling and say, "Hey, Willow!"  Then the male reporter asks a question--boy, that smile goes away.
   High cheekbones can do that.
   The first "business babe" or "money honey" was CNBC's Maria Bartiromo--I believe she was dubbed these names by the New York Post in 1997.

13 October 1997, HOUSTON CHRONICLE, D4:1--"In New York she's called the 'business babe.'  Behind her back, financial types slug her 'Money Honey.'  A recent magazine article dubbed her 'the Sharon Stone of business cable.'  But to her loyal viewers on CNBC, Maria Bartiromo is taken far more seriously than that."

29 October 1997, WALL STREET JOURNAL, pg. B1--"...dubbed 'Money Honey' by New York's tabloids..."

10 November 1997, NEW YORK magazine, pp. 36-37--a story about Maria Bartiromo is titled "Money Honey."

   BTW:  Songwriter Jesse Stone 97, had obituaries on 3 April 1999.  He wrote such songs as "Money Honey," "Idaho," and "Shake, Rattle and Roll."

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