As many (as possible)

RonButters at AOL.COM RonButters at AOL.COM
Mon Aug 9 00:22:47 UTC 1999

This sounds really weird to me, too. If it hasn't been recorded before in
American English, it would certainly be worth a note in AMERICAN SPEECH, if
someone wants to do the checking and write the  note! <mkuha at>'s
message about Kenya should be checked as well.

On Mon, 2 Aug 1999, Brian Good wrote:

> I don't recall ever hearing or seeing this omission before, but now I
> have come across it three times in the past month or so.  The speaker
> says "as many" while leaving off the "as possible" part.  It really
> sticks out for me because it sort of grates on my nerves.... I'm left to
> complete the "as possible" in my head.  Here's where I've heard/seen it:
> McSweeney's Internet Tendency, "Four Dreams of Gergen," by Paul
> Maliszewski:
> "...Lewis Lapham appears.  He says, Provide as many correct and
> acceptable spellings of the leader of Libya."
> On a plane before takeoff (repeated twice!):
> "In order to help conserve overhead bin space, please put as many bags
> under the seat in front of you."
> On a radio station in Seattle:
> "We're trying to get as many people to call in and tell us about
> their favorite movies."
> Is this a new trend or have I just never noticed it before?  Is there
> someone on some TV show who has started speaking this way?
> Brian

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