hip-hop query

Gerald Cohen gcohen at UMR.EDU
Sun Aug 15 02:24:42 UTC 1999

    Does anyone know of a  dictionary or glossary of hip-hop terms?  Also,
I've started reading through the hip-hop magazine BLAZE and notice the
following lyrics which I cannot understand except for the part up to "It's
4 a.m.":

     (April 1999  issue, p.58; article title: "Honorable Mention":

        "If you gotta be a mokey, be a gorilla
         It;s 4 a.m.
         I'm off a tab and still a
        World rap billa'
        Pushin' big Benz
         Wit' a chickenhead drawers hangin' from my antenna!"

  Can anyone translate this for me?

----Gerald Cohen

gcohen at umr.edu

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