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Fri Aug 27 19:03:15 UTC 1999

FWiW, from the Detroit Free Press:

                             What's going on: Define Detroit

                             August 27, 1999

                             WHAT DO YOU SAY?

                             Define Detroit by sending words

                             Hey, if it's good enough for the Brits, it's
good enough for the
                             Motor City.

                             The editors of the venerable Oxford English
Dictionary are
                             looking for new words to include in the 2010
revision of the
                             OED. (Send 'em to 1999 Appeal, OED, Oxford
                             Press, Great Clarendon St., Oxford, England OX2

                             But that got us thinking: Why not a Detroit
English Dictionary?

                             Why not explore the roots of the colorful
language that
                             separates us from the rest of the world?

                             That's where you come in.

                             Send your words and phrases -- and definitions
and anything
                             else you know about them -- to What's Going On,
Detroit Free
                             Press, 600 W. Fort St., Detroit, MI 48226.

                             Or fax it to 313-222-5397. Prefer e-mail? Send
it to
                             whatsgoingon at

- Allan Metcalf

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