r-lessness in American Dialects

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Sat Aug 28 18:07:02 UTC 1999

Dear ADS subscribers,

On the Linguist List I've seen a query which I am sure you, as "sound-sensitive" Americans, can help better than I. I have emailed Yukiko and she was delighted to hear about ADS. I have already advised her to take a look at some pronounciation dictionaries containing the information on the distribution of various pronounciation patterns even along the time (e.g. 'A Pronouncing Dictionary of American English' by John S. Kenyon and Thomas A. Knott).
Should you know of any other good resources containing the information on the American pronounciation pleas let me also know about it. Otherwise please forward any responses to the query at Yukiko's email address: <yyoshino at m-surf.ne.jp>

Thanks and take care!
Yours lurkerly...but nevertheless faithful(ly) ;-)

>Date:  Sun, 22 Aug 1999 15:00:40 +0900
>From:  "Yukiko Yoshino" <yyoshino at m-surf.ne.jp>
>Subject:  r-lessness in American Dialects
>Dear Sir/Madam;
>My name is Yukiko Yoshino.  I'm currently a senior undergraduate at
>Miyazaki Municipal University in Japan.
>I am studying Dialects of American English in order to write
>graduation thesis which title is "Regional distribution of r-lessness
>in American English"
>However, I have difficulty in finding the articles about this area,
>because I live in Japan.  I want to investigate the regional
>distribution of a phonetic feature - a postvocalic /r/ in terms of
>historical development.
>Would you tell me some articles as to these fields ?
>Thank you in advance for your attention to this matter.
>Sincerely Yours,
>Yukiko Yoshino
tafn mike
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