(Ugly/Crazy) for the rest of your life

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   It appears I left off the date.  There were two copyright dates on it--1931 and 1934.  However, it appears that all of the drinks were mixed before the prohibition years.  This would antedate "daiquiri"--OED has an F. Scott Fitzgerald novel from 1920.  Fitzgerald may very well have picked "daiquiri" up from the Waldorf bar--which got it from Cuba.


    My tour guide in Turkey was a tall, blonde woman who was quite attractive, but she had a dark secret.  I wondered about the "beauty marks" on her face.
    "A dog ripped my face," she told me.  "When I was young, my parents bought a dog.  And it was the wrong kind of dog..."
    The other kids teased her, but she said she got back at them with this line:
    "My face will heal, but you'll be ugly for the rest of your life!"
    I haven't tracked down that exact quote, but this comes from my research on W. C. Fields, in the classic film IT'S A GIFT (1934):

    "I'll be sober tomorrow, but you'll be crazy the rest of your life."

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