inclusionary religious term

A. Maberry maberry at U.WASHINGTON.EDU
Thu Dec 2 03:15:28 UTC 1999

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> "People of the book" is the PR term for
> inclusive-Middle-Eastern-religions:

I'm not sure what PR stands for. But, Ahl al-Kitab lit. "people of the
Book" are peoples who have received revealed scriptures (Torah=Tawrah,
Gospel=Injil) and is the way Muslims refer to Jews, Christians and some
Sabians. I don't believe that Muslims refer to themselves as being
included among the peoples of the Book. The peoples of the Book have
certain rights and privleges in Islamic law that other peoples don't.
But, if "People of the book" is used as including Muslims, it is being
used incorrectly--at least by my reading of it.

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