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If it were a PR term, wouldn't it be "gente del libro"?

dInIs (who's woofin' you since he reckons it must be "public relations")

>> >
>> "People of the book" is the PR term for
>> inclusive-Middle-Eastern-religions:
>I'm not sure what PR stands for. But, Ahl al-Kitab lit. "people of the
>Book" are peoples who have received revealed scriptures (Torah=Tawrah,
>Gospel=Injil) and is the way Muslims refer to Jews, Christians and some
>Sabians. I don't believe that Muslims refer to themselves as being
>included among the peoples of the Book. The peoples of the Book have
>certain rights and privleges in Islamic law that other peoples don't.
>But, if "People of the book" is used as including Muslims, it is being
>used incorrectly--at least by my reading of it.
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