City Names (initialism division)

Peter Richardson prichard at LINFIELD.EDU
Thu Dec 2 21:42:39 UTC 1999

Amy mentioned:
> Residents of Green Bay, WI, sometimes shorten the city name to "G.B." This
> is used infrequently, and usually in reference to some sporting event
> (college or high school only). Residents tend to be very proud of the
> Packers and will plaster the name "Green Bay" anywhere at every opportunity.

This reminds me that when my brother was living there, they (and I took
"they" to be lots of people, including natives) called the place Bean
Grey. If "G.B." is authentic, of course, then we have the obvious
derivation of "heebie-jeebie": "He be G.B.?? Yipe!" = "Is he from Green
Bay? That gives me the willies!" (which, again of course, tells us why we
refer to the old Army vehicle as a Willys Jeep).

Peter, with apologies

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