City Names (initialism division)

Amy Speed speed at PARADIGMTECH.COM
Thu Dec 2 21:55:20 UTC 1999

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From: Peter Richardson <prichard at LINFIELD.EDU>
Date: Thursday, December 02, 1999 2:43 PM
Subject: Re: City Names (initialism division)

>Amy mentioned:
>> Residents of Green Bay, WI, sometimes shorten the city name to "G.B."
>> is used infrequently, and usually in reference to some sporting event
>> (college or high school only). Residents tend to be very proud of the
>> Packers and will plaster the name "Green Bay" anywhere at every
>This reminds me that when my brother was living there, they (and I took
>"they" to be lots of people, including natives) called the place Bean
>Grey. If "G.B." is authentic, of course, then we have the obvious
>derivation of "heebie-jeebie": "He be G.B.?? Yipe!" = "Is he from Green
>Bay? That gives me the willies!" (which, again of course, tells us why we
>refer to the old Army vehicle as a Willys Jeep).
>Peter, with apologies

I'd never heard "Bean Grey" in the 4 years I was living there. Any idea
where that came from?

Green Bay residents have developed thick skins not only to protect against
the cold weather, but to weather the darts of sanctimonious dandies! ;-)


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