City Names (initialism division)

Peter Richardson prichard at LINFIELD.EDU
Thu Dec 2 22:24:42 UTC 1999

>> I'd never heard "Bean Grey" in the 4 years I was living there. Any idea
> where that came from?
Well, no, I don't have any idea. It's a pretty simple transposition,
something akin, perhaps, to "Fort Lost-in-the-Woods" for Fort Leonard Wood
in Missouri, an Army basic training facility that was not beloved by my

> Green Bay residents have developed thick skins not only to protect
> the cold weather, but to weather the darts of sanctimonious dandies! ;-)
I chuckle to imagine my brother, from the greater metropolitan Gurnee,
Illinois, area in the guise of a sanctimonious dandy! -- maybe it was
just a bad group of furriners he fell in with, but I was under the
impression that the B.G. nickname was frequently heard. That,
incidentally, was back in the late 60s, before he fled to Nawlins, La.


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