Cincinatti Chiliv

James Smith jsmithjamessmith at YAHOO.COM
Fri Dec 3 19:46:30 UTC 1999

The Cincinatti Chili I'm familiar with is basically a
spaghetti sauce.


--- Mike Salovesh <salovesh at NIU.EDU> wrote:
> On several trips to that fine city, I remembered a
> famous feature of
> Cincinnati cuisine: a dish called "Cincinnati
> chile".  (It comes in
> standard variants, which are ordered by the
> appropriate number from one
> to five.  As I recall, a "five" had a combination of
> five elements,
> including chile, cheese, and macaroni plus two more
> I foget.  Was one of
> them a hot dog?) I was proud of myself for
> remembering this bit of local
> esoterica on each return.
> I shouldn't have been that proud.  Each time, I
> ordered one of the
> concoctions (probably a number five).  Each time,
> the first bite
> reminded me how much I hate the dish.  I think its
> popularity comes from
> the fact that it's one dish a six year old can make
> successfully.
> That's not much of a recommendation.
> Several unhappy meetings with Cinti Chili finally
> taught me to accept
> anything else rather than order this mess again.

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