Shelley Berman's Cleans & Dirtys (Yeah, baby!)

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"Yes, My Child" is a CLEAN
"Yeah, Baby" is a DIRTY

   Yeah, baby!  Austin Powers etymology!
   This book is also interesting for the following (even if they're not antedates):

Pg. 18:  How's your parakeet? is a clean
     How's your bird? is a dirty
Pg. 19:  Tarzan walking with Jane is a clean
     Tarzan swinging with Jane is a dirty
Pg. 24:  Telephone operator is a clean
     Call girl is a dirty
Pg. 38:  "Mother" is a clean
Pg. 39:  "Mother" is a dirty
Pg. 50:  Happy is a clean
Pg. 51:  Gay is a dirty
Pg. 51:  Something on the roof is a clean
     Something on a shingle is a dirty
Pg. 53:  Hammer is a clean
     Tool is a dirty
Pg. 72:  A CLIRTY is a cleaned up DIRTY.  But, since it began as a DIRTY, it can never attain the rank of CLEAN.
Pg. 78:  CLIRTYS
_A. Blasphemies_
1. Gosh Darn, 2. Goshamighty, 3. Golldangit, 4. Holy Toledo, 5. Holy Smoke, 6. Hot Dang, 7. Jeez
_B. Anatomical_
1. Backside, 2. Booziasms or Bazooms, 3. In The Altogether, 4. Birthday Suit, 5. Fixed (household pets or male sopranos), 6. Well-developed (fem. only), 7. Unwell (fem. only), 8. Hips, 9. Below The Belt (masc. only)
(Pg. 79)
_C. Scatalogical and Other Tasteless References_
1. Oh Shucks!, 2. Aw shoot!, 3. The Pup Messed Up Again, 4. I Think I'm Going To Whoops
_D. Sex_
1. Fooling Around, 2. In The Family Way, 3. With Child, 4. Making Love, 5. Expecting, 6. A Pervert (masc. only), 8. Pitching Woo, 9. Carrying on, 10. Planned Parenthood, 11. V.D.
_E. Plain Cussing_
1. Go Take A Flying Jump For Yourself, 2. Sonofagun, 3. Go To Hades, 4. You Know What You Can Do, 5. Kiss My Ankle


   I've heard this annoying phrase a lot and I'm wondering who started it.

September 17, 1990, BOSTON GLOBE, third section, pg. 38:
It's Dana's world, we just live in it.  Dana Hersey, the man who made second-run, third-rate movies seem like Oscar winners on both "Hersey's Hollywood" and "The Movie Loft," is branching out beyond Boston and, even, beyond the show that really made him famous, "Ask the Manager."

October 20, 1990, BOSTON GLOBE, third section, pg. 10:
Dana ("It's His World We Just Live In It") Hersey

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