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Mon Dec 6 18:17:58 UTC 1999

"M. Lynne Murphy" <M_Lynne_Murphy at BAYLOR.EDU>

(spoken:  Last Stop:  Northampton, the capital of the world!)
Noho, Soho, all around the hole,
Every third or fourth guy you meet is probably on blow.
Prettier than a big city,
Citier than a scout camp.
It's so lovely to stroll upon
The sidewalks of North HAMP!

(One presumes that the Hole is the Quabbin Reservoir, which he also has a
song about, called "Quabbin Arise!", an anthem sung to the theme from _Local

Is one safe in presuming that this is ttto (to the tune of) "Sidewalks of New

And, more on-topic, w.r.t. to Northampton's reputation as a town with a large
and significant gay and lesbian population:
 1a. Does "on blow" refer to fellatio?
 1b. If not, what does it mean?
 2. Is there a gay-related pun in "camp"?

-- Mark A. Mandel
   FIJAGH! Now, *filking*, on the other hand...

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