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Mark_Mandel at wrote:

> Is one safe in presuming that this is ttto (to the tune of) "Sidewalks of New

> York"?

I guess so... I don't know the name of the tune.

> And, more on-topic, w.r.t. to Northampton's reputation as a town with a large
> and significant gay and lesbian population:
>  1a. Does "on blow" refer to fellatio?

>  1b. If not, what does it mean?

I believe it refers to cocaine.

> 2. Is there a gay-related pun in "camp"?

I think "camp" just conveniently rhymes with "Hamp".  I don't know that
Northampton really has a reputation as a place for gay men--it has a
high-profile lesbian population in part due to Smith College.  Certainly,
there's an active gay presence, but I don't think it's the kind of place about
which gay men say "oh, I'd really like to summer in (move to) Northampton!"



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