Cincinnati Chili

David Sanders laughedat at YAHOO.COM
Mon Dec 6 20:30:14 UTC 1999

I grew up in Cincinnati, and I get Cincinnati Chili
every time I return.  The two biggest restaurants that
serve it have 3-ways, 4-ways, and 5-ways (1 and 2 are
the chili and the spaghetti).  The 3-way includes
cheese, the 4-way includes onions, and the 5-way add
red beans.

The hotdog comes in with their coneys and cheese
coneys.  It's a small little hotdog on a small bun
with the chili on top and cheese if you want it.

The chili sauce is quite a bit different from
Texas-style chili, but I have seen so many different
recipes that I don't know what is authentic.  At least
one recipe that I have seen includes chocolate.

Skyline Chili has a website with more information at:

David Sanders

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