Cincinnati Chili

Dieter Burrell dburrell at ICPSR.UMICH.EDU
Tue Dec 7 16:48:19 UTC 1999

Although the founder of Skyline Chili chain is the originator of
Cincinnati-style chili, I prefer Camp Washington's version over other
styles.  And I don't bother with the coney islands on the side (which you
can get in so many places) but rather save room for a second order of the
5-way.  Plus, Camp Wash's downtown cafe is much more interesting.

Dieter Burrell

At 04:26 PM 12/7/1999 GMT, you wrote:
>David Sanders:
>The chili sauce is quite a bit different from
>Texas-style chili, but I have seen so many different
>recipes that I don't know what is authentic.  At least
>one recipe that I have seen includes chocolate.
>Skyline Chili has a website with more information at:
>I've also seen "Cincinnati Chili" in the frozen food section (perhaps a
>Skyline product), as well as this version of powdered chili mix.
>Amy Short
>(Looking forward to a visit there again in January to get the real thing.)
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