Power: The term of the Ninties

Wed Dec 8 04:18:46 UTC 1999

I am a student studying at the University College of the Fraser Valley
in Abbotsford, British Columbia, Canada.  I am writing a research paper,

exploring the word "power" as the term of the nineties.  I believe this
to be so because of its widespread use in every walk of society, from
the slums to the corporate boardrooms.
Do you believe my statement? What are your reasons?  Do you believe the
word "power" is losing its persuasive ability due to its over use?
Where do you think the use of this word is going in the future?
If you have any comments on these questions or my topic, I would greatly

appreciate your response. There would be no doubt that you would be
acknowledged. Just please provide your full name, title, and locale
If I have not directed my email to the most suitable person please
redirect this message.
Thank you very much for your time.
Kevin Trowbridge
snaps at telus.net

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