Cincinatti double decker?

Dennis R. Preston preston at PILOT.MSU.EDU
Wed Dec 8 14:15:12 UTC 1999


I always assumed this was SAE for any sandwich with two chuncks of the main
item (usually hamburger) and, as you suggest, a third piece of bread
dividing them. But since I grew up in Louisville (not far from Cincinnati)
perhaps it is more regional than I thought. I guess we are always amazed
when our own standard speech is not quiite as widespread as we thought.
Imagine my surprise, for example, when I discovered that speakers of some
obviously deficient varieties of AE could not use double modals!


 >Another dish that seems popular in Cincinnati goes by the name "double
>decker." It's a sandwich, presumably with a third slice of bread; but some
>Cincinnati websites list it without further description, so I imagine there's
>a standard unmarked set of ingredients.
>Sometimes it seems the equivalent of what others call a "club sandwich," but
>sometimes not.
>I wonder if some Cincinnatians could explain it, and whether there are
>"double deckers" anywhere else.
>- Allan Metcalf

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