Thu Dec 9 23:31:12 UTC 1999

I recently sent a message about a magazine called F.E.D.S. that
included the statement  "I hope that tracking this doesn't turn into
the year-long crusade that the First New Haven Slang Dictionary has
been.  I thought I had run that one to earth last month, but no.
It's at bay, but not yet taken."

Fred Shapiro has responded, saying "I'm not sure what paths you've
already explored, but according to the catalog the Sterling Memorial
Library has a copy of the First New Haven Slang Dictionary."

So does the New Haven Public Library, and Bobst Library, here at NYU.
 But I think that this pamphlet is of interest to students of slang,
and doubtless to students of the social sciences, too, for that
matter, and ought to be in more libraries than just 3.  I had posted
a message about it about a year ago, first under the rubric "props"
and some follow-up under "FNHSD", and another last month, under the
rubric "Stocking Stuffers" as I recall.  I have been trying to
determine whether the issuing agency still has copies left for
distribution.  Until I know that they do, I don't want to post the
address or other details, since I don't want to cause unnecessary
aggravation either for my comrades on this list, or for the folks at
the juvy in New Haven.  "Nice people only cause necessary
aggravation," my mother used to tell me.  Anyway, one person I've
spoken to recently at the juvy has told me that her supply was thrown
away by mistake, and that there is a second dictionary.  She said
that she would make photocopies of her office copy for any one who
want a copy.  I need to get back to her to get the cost.  The cover
of the original was attractive, though.  A red and white brick-like
grid, with the title in graffiti-style writing.  Someone else told me
that the second dictionary was planned but never printed.  I need to
get that straight.

In the middle of typing this I got a phone call from Antoine Clark,
the editor of F.E.D.S.  He has promised to send me a sample copy of
his next issue, due in a couple of weeks, at which time I will post a
review and the mailing address.  For those of you who have read
the story in the Times and don't want to wait, his telephone number
is 917-312-4010.


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