Laurence Horn laurence.horn at YALE.EDU
Fri Dec 10 13:31:19 UTC 1999

At 6:31 PM -0500 12/9/99, GEORGE THOMPSON wrote:
>I recently sent a message about a magazine called F.E.D.S. that
>included the statement  "I hope that tracking this doesn't turn into
>the year-long crusade that the First New Haven Slang Dictionary has
>been.  I thought I had run that one to earth last month, but no.
>It's at bay, but not yet taken."
>Fred Shapiro has responded, saying "I'm not sure what paths you've
>already explored, but according to the catalog the Sterling Memorial
>Library has a copy of the First New Haven Slang Dictionary."
>So does the New Haven Public Library, and Bobst Library, here at NYU.
> But I think that this pamphlet is of interest to students of slang,
>and doubtless to students of the social sciences, too, for that
>matter, and ought to be in more libraries than just 3.

For those interested in this, you should know that at least the Yale copy
listed as being in Sterling (the main university library) disappeared some
time ago.  I haven't checked the New Haven Public Library to see if theirs
is still around and survived the remodeling several years ago.


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