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I've heard the term functional foods for at least a year or more. They were
referred to as frankenfoods in the San Francisco Examiner today.

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-     From the Sunday New York Times, 12 December 1999, section 3, pg. 1:
-_A Medicine Chest or a Grocery Shelf?_
-_Debating the Merits of "Functional Foods"_
-    (Col. 3--ed.)  After some initial stumbles, the world's
-largest drug and
-consumer-goods companies are back with plans to introduce a
-growing number of
-these products, known as functional foods.
-     The article notes that functional food sales in the United States may
-top $3 billion this year.  Is there some Dr. Frankenstein guy who
-coined this
-     Hey, pass the viagra-enhanced broccoli, will ya?

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