Bloody Mary (Taipei style)

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   I always travel with very experienced travelers.  One traveler (not knowing my interest in this) told me the recipe of a "Bloody Mary" in Taiwan.
   She said that, in the night market of Taipei, a "Bloody Mary" is made with turtle's blood and whiskey!  Yech!

   According to George Jessel, a Walter Winchell column in 1928 (during the Chicago benefit for Joe E. Lewis) contains the recipe for and the origin of the name of "the Bloody Mary."
   I could give Chicago one more chance!
   The Joe E. Lewis incident in 1927 had made front-page headlines.  Chicago's Oriental Theatre is famous.  Maybe the Chicago Historical Society would know the date of the Joe E. Lewis benefit at the Oriental Theatre in 1928?
   I e-mailed the Chicago Historical Society once.  No reply.
   I e-mailed a second time.  Did they get my request?  Is there some time that I could anticipate a reply?  Most societies would respond right away to that--it's going to take a week, two weeks, whatever.
   Again, the Chicago Historical Society hasn't responded at all!
   I have absolutely no regrets in my decision never to visit Chicago again!
   However, if any of you find yourselves in that town, check out the Chicago Historical Society.  Do any human beings work there?

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