Bum-Bashing &Troll-Busting

Bapopik at AOL.COM Bapopik at AOL.COM
Sun Dec 26 05:21:04 UTC 1999


   Was this in Barnhart's "bashing" list?  From the International Herald Tribune, Dec. 24-25-26, 1999, "Living on American Streets Gets More Dangerous," pg. 1 col. 4:

   In some cases, suspects call it "bum-bashing" or "troll-busting," police and advocates for the homeless say.


NAM PHUONG COCKTAIL--lua moi, orange juice, lemon juice
(the Nam Phuong was the wonderful restaurant that I visited last night, but I stuck to the free champagne)

IDEYA RESTAURANT, tel. 212-625-1441 (from millennium meals in "Soup to Nuts" in the latest New York Press, at www.nypress.com)--Puerto Rican Coquito, eggnog laced with alcohol

AMAZON.COM (continued)

   I just had this bad dream that Time magazine named Jeff Bezos as "Person of the Year."

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