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Mon Dec 27 05:12:44 UTC 1999

   Greetings from Nha Trang!
   David Barnhart wants me to actually eat and drink all of these things.  Do any ADS-L-ers help me??
   In the spirit of "pitza" (pizza/pita) is the "nanwich" (nan bread sandwich).  This is from the VIETNAM INVESTMENT REVIEW, TIMEOUT, Nov. 15-21, 1999, pg. 3, col. 1:

_"...a WHATwich?"_
   Do you ever find yourself sitting at your computer straddling the lunch time fence between ordering a sandwich or a curry?  Well we here at the fastpage are often caught in such conundrums.  But we've found a solution--the Khazana "Nanwich."  It's sort of an Indian take on a calzone, in which the nan bread is wrapped around it's (sic) contents and sealed along the edges.  Available in Chicken Tikka, Mutton, Cottage Cheese, and CHeese with Button Mushrooms, these babies are a lot easier to handle than a curry whilst typing away in frantic fashion but pack the same punch.  The $5 price tag also includes a salad and a drink, and we find the whole thing a nice lunch time package.  But we suggest you avoid dribbling mint chutney sauce on your keyboard.

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