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     Greetings from Dalat...Mike S. nicely explained to me why I, ah, never want to visit Chicago again...Attached is something I sent to USA Today.  I pointed out that Albert Einstein couldn't run for presdient, and it's time to draft a constitutional amendment to change that law.  You heard it here first.  Madeline Albright and Arnold Schwarzenegger will thank me.

AODAI--this is the Vietnamese dress.  Is it in OED?
   From Larry's Bar at the Dalat Sofitel:

DALAT MOOONLIGHT--strawberry wine, malibu, pineapple, grenadine
LARRY NIGHT--poire William, cuacao blue, banana creme, lemon
DALAT HILL--orange, pineapple, frezomint
CHANTACO--orange, lemon, grenadine
GOLFER'S DELIGHT--lemon, grapefruit, tonic, mint

   More but I gotta go!
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