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Mike Salovesh t20mxs1 at CORN.CSO.NIU.EDU
Fri Dec 31 05:26:24 UTC 1999

Barry Popik just said:

> Mike S. nicely explained to me why I, ah, never want to visit
> Chicago again.

Gee, Barry, I didn't think that was what I was saying.  What I did was
answer an earlier message from you, part of which went:

>I got the address of every alderman in the city of Chicago.  I sent
>each  (about 50 aldermen)a packet of stuff (my packets of stuff are    >famous--one recipient made a whole book out of it) that was just       >wonderful.  It cost me about a thousand dollars!  I had told them about >my problems with the Chicago Historical Society and the Chicago        >Tribune, and I asked SOMEONE to help me.
>Not one alderman responded!  My parents were both dying at the time and >I felt like a piece of shit!
>I have given a lot of time, money, and love to the city of Chicago and >got back not even KINDNESS!  What more can I do?

And here's a small part of what I answered.  (The whole thing is just
too long to dump on everybody all at once.)  --


Sonofagun.  Your really DON'T understand.

Chicago takes, it doesn't give.  It NEVER gives back.  Ever.

Let me put it this way: Chicago is just like New York.  What did you

If you want brotherly love, go to Philadelphia.

You won't get it there, either.

--mike salovesh      <salovesh at>      PEACE !!!

P.S.: If anybody is wondering, I love Chicago, warts and all.  In fact,
it's the warts that make the place worth knowing.  Paradise might be
nice, in its own way, but its perfection would make any true Chicagoan
homesick for a good dose of all those transcendentally awful things that
ARE Chicago.

Nonetheless, in Chicago, not even the first Mayor Daley would have
thought of welding manhole covers shut in preparation  for New Year's

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