Greetings from Saigon

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Fri Dec 31 10:01:17 UTC 1999

    Millennium greetings from Saigon.  "Ho Chi Minh City" is not used as much.

LAND MINE--Vietnamese euphemism for the stuff water buffaloes leave behind.
DRAGON'S BONE--another name for cactus.
NON LA--the name for those conical hats, but when I asked my tour guide, she said "it's a conical hat."  Duh.
CYCLO--in Nha trang, we took a bicycle carriage (the driver is behind, not in front).  I thought it was a "rickshaw," but "cyclo" was used.
HANOI MOON CAKE--a popular cake used at moon festivals.
1000 STAR HOTEL--having sex outdoors.  Sort of like "no-tell motel."
VIETNAMESE PANCAKE--prawn, squid, fish, mushroom pan-fried, stuffed with bean shoot served with fish sauce (Cay Dua restaurant, Nha Trang).

DRINKS (continued)

   From the Vien Dong Hotel in Nha Trang:

LOVE IN THE AFTERNOON--rum, orange, milk
I LOVE YOU--galiano, kahlua, bailey's
NHA TRANG BLUE SEA--blue curacao, triple sec, 7 up
GOLDEN DREAM--Galiano, triple sec, orange, milk

   More from Larry's Bar in Dalat:

WHAM BAM THANK YOU M'AM--bourbon, drambuie, ginger ale

   From the Kimdo Royal City Hotel in Saigon (a city where vodka is a local favorite drink):

KIMDO COCKTAIL--blue curcacao, vodka smirnoff, pineapple and orange juice
BIFFY--gin gordon, pineapple and lemon juice
QUEEN CHARLOTTE--reserve St, Martin (red), grenadine and 7 Up
MALIBU BEACH--vodka smirnoff, coconut, orange juice, grenadine
RUMLESS RICKEY--lemon juice, grenadine, bitter, soda water
SHIRLEY TEMPLE--Seven Up, grenadine, cream
VIRGIN MARY--tomato juice spiced with tobasco and worcestershire sauce

CHICAGO (continued)

   Will anyone at all be kind to me in the next millennium??

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