Kwaito; Big five; LBJs

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Tue Jul 6 17:13:17 UTC 1999

    Greetings from Victoria Falls,Zimbabwe!


    In SUN AIR STYLE, July 1999, pg. 37, os "White ous can't kwaito."
    Subhead: "It's the hippest, hottest, most happening explosion of style,
culture and attitude in the history of the newish SOuth Africa.  It's called
kwaito and it's just about ready to hit the big time overseas.  But there's
an even greater barrier it has yet to cross on home turf."
   It's like hip-hop, I guess.  Members of the "Y-generation" know about it
(young black urbanised South Africans, named after YFM, the radio station of
   Does Barnhart/New Words have it?


   No, it doesn't include Michigan State.
   The Big Five are: buffalo, rhino, elephant, lion, leopard.  Who thought
this up?


   A book at a nature sanctuary here tells you how to identify LBJs ("little
brown jobs").  Is this a birder term elsewhere?

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