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Mon Jul 12 07:16:14 UTC 1999

Kim & Rima McKinzey wrote:

>In today's (Sunday, July 11th) SF Chronicle there is an article on
>bioengineered crops.  They comment that the resistance to such genetic
>interference in food is quite high in Europe - where it's referred to as
>"Frankenfood."  Hadn't heard that before.

The latest issue of MIT Technology Review has a (chilling) article about
bioengineered crops. It uses the term Frankenfood as well as "seed
pirates" (those who steal "transgenic" plant seeds), "Terminator tech" (a
sort of copy protection built into said seeds to prevent theft), and
"superweeds" (a breed of incredibly hearty and chemical-resistant weeds
that could result if transgenic crops cross-breed with their wild

Speaking of "Franken-," one of my favorite freelancer slang terms is
"Frankenedit." That's what you get when an editor hacks and slashes your
precious manuscript and sends it back for you to suture back together
into something that resembles an article. A Frankenedit usually comes
with a note attached that says something like: "I've just suggested a few
small changes and some paragraph reordering. Can I have this back by
C.O.B. tomorrow?"

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