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Grant Barrett gbarrett at AMERICANDIALECT.ORG
Tue Jul 13 03:19:36 UTC 1999

I'm not saying this proves anything or nothin', but the New York Times has this letter to the editor for 16 June 1992:

To the Editor:

"Tomatoes May Be Dangerous to Your Health" (Op-Ed, June 1) by Sheldon Krimsky is right to question the decision of the Food and Drug Administration to exempt genetically engineered crops from case-by-case review. Ever since Mary Shelley's baron rolled his improved human out of the lab, scientists have been bringing just such good things to life. If they want to sell us Frankenfood, perhaps it's time to gather the villagers, light some torches and head to the castle.

Newton Center, Mass., June 2, 1992

On Monday, July 12, 1999, D. Ezra Johnson <ezra_50 at HOTMAIL.COM> wrote:
>The term "Frankenfood" was coined by Paul Lewis, who is a professor of
>English at Boston College (and a friend of my family).

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