Azania; Microlighting & Abseiling

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Mon Jul 19 16:14:33 UTC 1999

   Students are "scholars" here.  One university professor in my group


    From the MAIL & GUARDIAN, July 16-22, 1999, pg. 21, cols. 3-4:

_Azania is Eurocentric_
     Why is it that organizations such as the Pan Africanist Congress and
Azanian Peoples' Organization insist on referring to South Africa as
"Azania"?  These organizations are supposedly in the forefront of the
movement away from Eurocentrism, purporting to espouse Afrocentrism, and yet
their aim is to give this country a _Greek_ name.  Why?  What on earth for?
     What is more, it is a name associated with a part of Greece notorious
for the oppression of one group over all others--an early form of apartheid,
in fact.  As if this were not enough, it is also a name which came to be used
to refer to parts of the Middle East and Northern Africa when they became
sources of slaves.
     It would thus seem to be no accident that these regions were at
appropriate times dubbed "Azania".--_Terence Beard, Grahamstown_


   Do Barnhart, ATNW, et al., have "abseiling" and "microlighting"?  They are
like bungi jumping--different ways to almost kill yourself.

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